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Apr 27th, 2010 | Category: Let's Chat!

Q: What category does your consumer seem to ask you the most questions about? (e.g. eye, face, lip, etc.)


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  1. FACE: The question I get most of these days is,” What shade of foundation should I use for my skin tone.” This question applies across the board from Loreal to Revlon to CoverGirl and so on…..I have noticed that color charts that are transparent (like Loreal), help to assist in finding the right shade. You just put the shade(s) over the inside of your wrist and whichever color seemingly disappears is the shade you should use. Of course some people want a little darker, some a little lighter but this gives you an idea and something to work with. It really helps the customer to be able to visually see it for themselves and thus allows them to make better choices in terms of color, instead of taking a so-called strangers advice.

  2. I think also letting the consumer know that they can return the makeup (at most drug stores) if it does not match once they open it, they might be a little more inclined to pick one. Let them know that when they go home they should test it on their jawline, and if it disappears into skin then it is a match.

  3. Lauren,

    Thanks for your comments! … Letting consumers know that they can return makeup to your store (if your store offers that!) is great advice. I’m not sure how many consumers realize that many drug stores do take returns on makeup.