How-to: Using eye color to find that perfect blush

May 11th, 2010 | Category: How-Tos


Here are some guidelines to follow when helping your consumers find the right blush color using their eye color:

Green Eyes: Any shade of pink is great for a person with green eyes, as it will make their eyes appear brighter and more striking. Shades that will drain the color of their eyes are deep plums, as they will neutralize the natural yellow flecks that are in green eyes.

Blue Eyes: Beautiful shades of peach or icy pink will really draw attention to lighter eyes and make blue pop! Plum shades on the other hand will play down light eyes.

Brown Eyes: Berry hues are great for brown eyes, as they will bring out any hints of yellow that most brown eyes have within them. Shades to avoid are neutrals or browns, as they will blend into the yellow undertones.

Hazel Eyes: Pink shades that have violet undertones such as a mauve blush will really bring out hazels mix of grey, amber and green. Try to stay away from orangey pinks, as they will take away from the charcoal base of hazel eyes.

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