How-to: Beauty spring cleaning

May 24th, 2010 | Category: How-Tos

Many consumers don’t realize that makeup does eventually expire — and perhaps faster than they think! Here is a list of what products to purge and why:

• Products that you don’t use often enough. If the product is used sparingly for special occasions and you truly love it, then keep it, but if you rarely ever use it, lose it.

• Mascara that is opened and older than six months old. After a few months mascara can start to gather bacteria that can irritate your eye when applied. It is definitely something to use quickly and not “save” for special occasions or rare use.

• Really old lip products. Any lip products that are more than a year old should be tossed. Formulas dry out and colors can fade.

• Used makeup sponges. Feel free to keep them if you are sanitizing them every few days or at least once a week, but if they have been used multiple times it is best to throw them away to prevent breakouts. Consumers can usually find them cheap enough like NYC New York Color’s Cosmetic Sponges, for example, for about $1.99.

• Pressed or loose powders last for about two years so any eye shadows, bronzers, etc. are alright to hold onto for a while.

• Liquid foundation lasts anywhere from about one to two years depending on the formula. Anything older than that should probably be tossed as you wouldn’t want to put an expired product on your face.

• Old nail polish. After about a year, nail polish starts to break down and separate so anything you’ve had for about that long should go.

• Makeup that has been exposed to sun for an extended period of time tend to break down faster, so if you have any makeup that has sat in your beach bag or out on your windowsill it should probably go.

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