Q&A: Dr. Marsha Gordon talks skin health

Jul 7th, 2010 | Category: How-Tos

Q&A with Dr. Marsha Gordon


Q: As a teenager, I never had acne.  Now, as an adult, I’m experiencing breakouts.  What can I do to clear up my “grown-up” skin?

Gordon: “Grown up” acne can be challenging since our skin becomes drier and more sensitive as we age.  However, the same basic rules for treating acne still apply.  I recommend cleansing and exfoliating daily with products that contain mild Salicylic Acid like St. Ives Naturally Clear Blemish and Blackhead Control Scrub or the St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub.  If your acne still doesn’t clear up, I suggest seeing a dermatologist since adult acne can be a sign of rosacea, folliculitis or hormonal irregularities.

Q: When I see a pimple erupt, I want to pop it.  Is it really harmful to squeeze my blemishes?

Gordon: My best advice is to never pick pimples.  If you do this, you tend to squeeze some of the sebum or “pus” deeper into the skin.  This will only aggravate the inflammation and slow the healing process. 

Q: I’m afraid to exfoliate my acne.  Is it safe to use a facial scrub when I have breakouts?

Gordon: It is wise to be cautious since you don’t want to further inflame your skin.  Try using a mild exfoliating scrub like the Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub.  The gentle, yet effective formula helps to reduce redness caused by acne and soothe skin with 100% natural Green Tea.  

Q: When my skin is exposed to the sun, I feel like my acne temporarily improves.  Does the sun really help to clear up breakouts?

Gordon: Sun exposure reduces the immune response of the skin.  This is why some acne sufferers feel that the sun temporarily calms acne.  The problem is, a reduced immune response coupled with the cancer-causing properties of sun exposure may lead to skin cancer and wrinkles.  There are always safer ways to treat acne, so please protect your skin from the sun.

Source: St. Ives


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