Beauty Tips!

Avoid damage to African-American hair with these tips!

Apr 19th, 2012

Not only is African-American hair unique in appearance but its unique structure makes it especially fragile and prone to injury and damage. More than half of African-American women will cite thinning hair or hair loss as their top hair care concern, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. To help minimize damage, dermatologists have shared […]

Fabulous holiday hairstyles from Motions celebrity stylist

Dec 8th, 2011

Motions celebrity stylist, Ursula Stephen, shares tips to help you create fabulous holiday hairstyles.

Brighten eyes, say good-bye to dark circles with this tip!

Nov 8th, 2011

Battling dark circles? If so, try the following quick tip courtesy of New York makeup artist Susmta Patel: Select a creamy concealer that has yellow or peach undertone to reduce the appearance of dark circles. Apply the concealer to the area under the eyes up into the inner corner of the eyes. Pat the concealer […]

Try this make-up tip to augment lips!

Aug 15th, 2011

If you have thin lips, you don’t necessarily need to run to your plastic surgeon or dermatologist for lip injections. New York makeup artist Susmta Patel shares this simple make-up trick to make the lips appear fuller. First, choose a lip liner that is one shade darker than your lip gloss. Line the lips with […]

Easy tip to narrow a wide-bridged nose with makeup!

Jul 21st, 2011

The vast majority of people who undergo rhinoplasty surgery choose to have the bridge of their nose narrowed. However, New York makeup artist Susmta Patel has shared some simple makeup tricks that can also make the bridge appear thinner. Apply a bronzer or highlighter that is a couple of shades darker than your skin in […]

Check out these sun safe tips from Dr. Hirsch!

Jun 10th, 2011

Boston dermatologist Dr. Ranella Hirsch provides expert advice and explains how to properly protect skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays: Q: When should you use sunscreen? Dr. Hirsch: The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that a broad-spectrum water-resistant sunscreen of at least SPF 30 be used year-round. Q: What is the difference between UVB […]

Have just five minutes or less for makeup? Try these tips!

Jan 11th, 2011

For those beauty mavens who have only five minutes or less in the morning for a beauty routine, New York makeup artist Jessica Lauren, whose work has been seen in magazines and several fashion events, shares the following tip: “An easy way to do makeup in five minutes is to start with a tinted moisturizer […]

Holiday party beauty touch-up tips!

Dec 8th, 2010

The holiday party season is here and you’ll probably be going out straight from work to these festive functions. As the day goes by, even the best-applied make up will slip and fade. Here are some quick touch-up tips, courtesy of Emmy Award-winning makeup artist Kevin James Bennett, to help you get that “freshly applied” […]

Protect skin from free radicals

Oct 19th, 2010

Here’s a skin care tip to share with your beauty shoppers, courtesy of board certified dermatologist Dr. Janice Lima-Maribona, official spokesperson for Dove Deodorant. Free radicals can cause skin cells to break down, accelerating premature aging. These radicals can be found in UV rays, air pollution, iron in tap water, stress, cigarette smoke and poor […]

Fall beauty tip: Revitalize skin with moisture

Oct 5th, 2010

The hot and humid summer days are behind us and the cool, crisp fall air is heading our way. But the season isn’t the only thing changing — so is our skin. To help protect skin during the fall season, board certified dermatologist Dr. Janice Lima-Maribona, official spokesperson for Dove Deodorant, offers some advice! Moisturizers […]